Minercise Patches

In order to make the controllers more effective, modifications were made to the Minetest game.

Changes to Game:

The patch collection for these modifications available here:

NOTE: I've never tried but I don't think you need to use a modified version of Minetest to use these controllers. You should be able to use a normal version with some minor modifications to the controller. You'd have one (or two speeds if you have 'fast' priv) mapped for Minerunner. Minerower would have to output jump characters and you'd be at risk of jumping up onto land when you got to the shore. Although, you could even row across land I suppose but it might be a bit "jumpy". If you used the controllers like this, you could connect to other people's servers and explore their worlds. And of course if you can fly on whatever server you're on and they (or you) don't have eyeballs, you can row, run, or ride through the sky, (might get kind of boring though). I don't remember the key mappings though so you'd have to experiment.

Please send questions, comments, complaints, and/or bug reports to minercise @ richfox dot org

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