There are two parts to the healnode mod, headstones as pictured and the healnode. Okay, well really they're the same thing. When the healnode mod is active, all active players will be healed slightly at a regular interval. This was implemented because without an "autohealer" there is no way to heal oneself using the control systems that are in use (at the time of this writing).
The second feature provided by this mod is that when a player dies, a headstone is placed at the position that they were killed.

The headstones glow providing limited night-time illumination in the vicinity that they're located generally making them easier to find. If a player stands in or on a headstone, their health will be rapidly replenished. And finally, if any* creature wanders within a radius of the headstone they will simply be erased. So, theoretically, if you're under attack and you see a headstone nearby, run for it!

The headstones provide several benefits:

(* this also affects benevolent creatures, if there are any, and, of course, indifferent creatures but they wouldn't follow you so this has never been observed.)
The code for this mod is open source and available here:

Please send questions, comments, complaints, and/or bug reports to minercise @ richfox dot org

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