Blaze Mod

The blaze mod introduces a fairly simple device, a blaze, as in a trail blaze. These devices are for the most part non-interactive. If you have a blaze in inventory, then as you move through the world they will be dropped automatically limited by the radius of the nearest blaze. If you invoke the 'mission' command, you can type in a string that each blaze that gets dropped will be marked with. When you are facing a blaze within range that you could click on it, the mission string associated with the blaze will be displayed on your HUD. There is no need to click on it, there is no functionality from clicking it except perhaps to destroy it. Anyways, this is a handy way of marking which mission you were on, if any, when the blaze was dropped.
Blazes get dropped where-ever you are, on land, in water (as illustrated here), and in air.

The blazes provide several benefits:

The code for this mod is open source and available here:

Please send questions, comments, complaints, and/or bug reports to minercise @ richfox dot org

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