This is a picture of me "flying" the Mineflyer.
The Minerower is the machine in the foreground with a keyboard sitting on it.

Mineflyer is a flying machine for the Minetest world. One is able to become and remain (hopefully) airborne by pedaling forward (or backward). My implementation is made from a repurposed recumbent bike so it's quite comfortable to fly but can be challenging to sprint on, (which is not an uncommon requirement to remain airborne).

The steering sensors and magnet, (and a guard so I don't damage it when I accidentally kick it getting on or off).

It has basic steering control using a reed switch and magnet assembly mounted on the steer tube and uses a pair of infrared reflectance sensors and a disk mounted on the rear wheel for determining direction and velocity. I modified the bike and converted it to a fixed gear so I can read odometry off the rear wheel for both forward and backward movement, (originally for a different game). Hence, it is a single speed system. It had a hand brake that didn't have any physical affect on the wheel rotation but could be used to regulate altitude by suppressing "fly" keypresses but it broke recently and I have learned to fly without it, (and I haven't been playing Carmageddon for which this control system was originally set up for).

The odometry sensors and disk mounted on the rear wheel.

The steering is accomplished by turning the handlebars (of course) which closes the reed switches generating mouse input data to the computer. Currently the turning speed is constant. Velocity and flight are accomplished by translating rotational movement to a suitable sequence of keypresses. Key duration is constant and key-press frequency is controlled by the user. Currently, a user can fly both forward and backward.

The control board, The Mineflyer is the most complicated of the three machines. Most of the inputs are not used in Minerunner but were wired in for Carmageddon.
The code for Mineflyer is open source and available here:

Please send questions, comments, complaints, and/or bug reports to minercise @ richfox dot org

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