22:34:13: ACTION[main]:         .__                           __     
22:34:13: ACTION[main]:   _____ |__| ____   ____   ___  ____ |__| ____ ____
22:34:13: ACTION[main]:  /     \|  |/    \_/ __ \ / __\/  __\|  |/___// __ \
22:34:13: ACTION[main]: |  Y Y  \  |   |  \  ___/|  | \  |__ |  |\__ \  ___/
22:34:13: ACTION[main]: |__|_|  /__|___|  /\___  >__|  \____/|__|/___/\___  >
22:34:13: ACTION[main]:       \/        \/     \/                         \/
22:34:13: ACTION[main]: World at [/usr/local/minetest/data/worlds/summer-2015]
22:34:13: ACTION[main]: Server for gameid="minetest" listening on

Minercise is a silly name for an exploration and survival game I've created to try to take the boredom out of indoor exercise. I've made it using the open source Minetest sandbox building game and some exercise equipment I've adapted for use as game controllers. I have a recumbent bike mounted on a stationary trainer, an ergometer (rowing machine), and a treadmill all of which have been modified to use for the game. The modifications were achieved by designing and adding sensor systems to each of the machines using Arduino and compatible (Pololu A-Star) microcontrollers. It was also necessary and desirable to modify the game code to function with and enhance or restrict the functionality introduced by these controllers.

I suppose by most contemporary game standards there isn't much of a game to it as the only objective is to explore the world without getting your character killed in one of the myriad ways that it can happen. (Not too much different from real life... only this is much safer!) I decided some time ago once the game took shape and I could start playing it that my first quest would be to start at the Origin (0,0,0) and work my way down the negative X axis until I reached the end of the world, (eg. the western edge of the world). I took a peek at the end by teleporting out there because I wanted to see how far it was away from the Origin and discovered it's roughly 30.5 kilometers if the trip was made in straight line. If I could run straight out on the treadmill, I'd have to run over 30 kilometers to reach the end of the world. This can't be done of course because there isn't a land-based straight line that follows the X axis.


The image to the right is a night-time aerial view looking down at The Origin (with a fence around it, so far the only non-generated content in the map) and out along the -X axis. Each of the lights are blazes, trail markers, dropped by my character along the way on the different attempts to reach the end of the world. Some of the lights may also be headstones left at the spots of my demise. When you die, you start back at The Origin (0,0,0), hence multiple paths outbound.

Game Modifications: [Minercise Patches]

Controllers: [Mineflyer] [Minerunner] [Minerower]

Mods: [Hairy Eyeball] [Healnode] [Blaze]

Please send questions, comments, complaints, and/or bug reports to minercise @ richfox dot org